How To join Level up Facebook Gaming

Join Level Up

Take your stream, community and earning potential to new heights with the Level Up program.

Why Level Up?

Monetization : Unlock monetization tools including Facebook Stars, Fan Subscriptions and in-stream ads

Audience growth: Access tools that help grow your audience, and give fans more ways to show their support

Exclusive access : Get invited to our Community Group and join other program members to access customized support and access to 1080p 60fps Live Streaming

Can I join Level Up?

You are eligible for the Level Up program if you:

1-Create a Gaming Video Creator Page that has been active for at least 14 days, with an admin who is 18 or older

2-Have at least 100 followers on their Page

3-Stream gaming content, with game tagged, for at least 4 hours across 2 of the preceding 14 days (only tag a game if you will be playing it, or it may impact your eligibility) Level Up is only available in the regions listed here. Program participants must adhere to our community standards and our Partner Monetization Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What countries is the Level Up program available in? When will Level Up be available in my region?

Click here for a complete list of countries where Level Up is available. We are slowly rolling out the Level Up program globally; so, if you do not see your country listed, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest announcements, and get notified when it is available.

2. I’ve been streaming the hours required to apply to Level Up, but the checkmark is still grayed out. When will it get checked?

We check eligibility daily. If it is still greyed out, then you have not met the requirements yet.

3. How do I get reinstated to the Level Up program after losing access?

Once you meet all eligibility criteria again, the option to rejoin the program will appear.

4. How do I meet the community and Partner Monetization Policies?

Make sure you read through our community standards and Partner Monetization Policies to ensure that you’re following the guidelines we have in place.

5. How long does my page need to be active before I qualify?

Approximately 14 days.


  1. When do I get paid for Stars?

We only send payments when your total balance reaches at least $100 USD or 10,000 Stars. Read this article for more information about Stars payout.

2. What is the revenue share for Facebook Stars?

Qualifying Gaming Video Creators may be eligible to receive $0.01 USD per Star. On desktop, the maximum share to Facebook is 30% for the smallest packs and 5% for the largest. For example, on desktop, 100 Stars are sold for $1.40. A Creator gets 1 cent per star, so we pay out $1.00 to creators and keep $0.40 (30%). As star packs increase, creators receive a higher percentage of the revenue share. Creators receive the same revenue share for Stars earned, whether on mobile or desktop. On mobile, in-app billing terms from each platform apply to all purchases. In order to maintain the consistency of 1 cent per Star for creators, we price Star packs slightly higher to account for the mobile platform revenue share.

3. Any additional perks planned for users who give creators Stars?

Yes! We’ve received a lot of great feedback from Gaming Video Creators and fans on additional features for Facebook Stars. We have several things in the works. For example, we plan to start testing badges soon for fans that send Stars during live streams. Many of the features being contemplated are designed to offer ways for creators to reward and recognize fans (and vice versa).

4. How does cashing out work for creators, and do they have to hit a certain threshold of Stars before they can cash out?

The minimum threshold for creators to cash out is $100 or the Star equivalent. Creators set up a payment account and can receive payments via ACH or PayPal. Payout is net 30, which means 30 days after the month ends. Stars earned in April will typically be paid out in early June.


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