How to join MLBB Influencer League Global ?

If you’re an aspiring Streamer, an active/established Streamer, or Content Creator, please refer to the details below according to your preferred Platform:


-For The Philippines: 2.000 views per video, 2 hours every livestream & 5,000 followers-

-For Cambodia, Myanmar & Malaysia/Singapore: 1,000 views, 2 hours per livestream, & 2,000 followers

– For the Middle East, Bangladesh, Nepal & India: 3-months of consistent streaming activity with at least 4 streams per week, 2 hours livestream, 2000 followers & 800 views.

– Any other regions that haven’t been mentioned: 500 views, 2 hours per livestream, & 500 followers

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-In line with the changes of Facebook about video expirations for non-level up Streamers, we’ll be requiring ALL streamers to become part of the “Level-up Program” of Facebook first before they can apply in the MIL Family. The implementation will start from July 2021 and onwards.


– At least 4 MLBB related contents in the last 2 months. And a total of at least 10 videos in the last 6 months.

– For PH: 1,000 avg views of the last 10 videos & 5,000 subscribers.

– For EN, MY/SG & KH: 300 average views of the last 10 videos & 3,000 subscribers.

– For MM, PT/ES, TR/Middle East Region: 100 average views of the last 10 videos & 1,000 subscribers.

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+ For Non-PH applicants, – 2 weeks of latest and consistent 1,000 views with at least 10 creative MLBB videos, regardless of your follower count.

+ For PH applicants, – 2 weeks of latest and consistent 2,000 views with at least 10 creative MLBB videos. Aside from that, you should have at least 15,000 followers (lower than this, not qualified).

+Creative MLBB related content. Not just limited to gameplays.

+Good editing skills and original content. Videos can be tutorials, informative stuff about MLBB, and/or entertaining content such as meme-like videos, etc.

+Video contents are preferred to be in vertical form, the standard for Tiktok.

+ Tiktok account must not promote any other gaming competitors and must not have any other gaming content aside from MLBB.

+If you are an MLBB cosplayer, you are entitled to a special privilege.

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TWITCH — Coming soon!Other Streaming Platforms — Soon!


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