How to make relationships with your customers on Facebook and Instagram

This illustration will set you up to:

-Comprehend the significance of drawing in your crowd.

-Utilize various techniques for commitment.

Little Lemon is a café that serves customary Mediterranean food with a cutting edge wind. Its normal clients are occupied families who need sound lunch and supper choices.

Mario and Adriano are two siblings from Italy who established Little Lemon utilizing family plans. Mario is the culinary specialist of the eatery and Adriano handles promoting and business.

Little Lemon has quite recently begun tolerating on the web requests and offering conveyance.

Adriano needs his clients to remember the eatery after their first web-based request.

Little Lemon brand picture

The eatery as of now has an after on its Facebook business Page. Adriano will utilize this internet based channel to remain associated with clients and the local area.

He’s keen on building a relationship with Page adherents and growing a local area of individuals who love good food. After some time, Adriano trusts this internet based commitment will prompt an expansion in both conveyance orders and attention to his business.

What is commitment?

Commitment is a cooperation between an individual and a business. On Facebook and Instagram, you can utilize free instruments to make commitment:

Posts and stories

You can share posts and stories to spark engagement with your audience on Facebook and Instagram.


When you share a post or story, people can react to it.


People can share your posts and stories with their friends and followers.


On both Facebook and Instagram, people can leave comments on your posts to express their thoughts and opinions about what you’ve shared.

Tags and mentions

To keep the conversation going, reply to people’s comments on a post. You can also tag or mention someone in your comment. Depending on their settings, the other person will get a notification that you tagged them in the post.


You can engage your audience and create a personal connection with private messages on Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger.

Why engage your audience?

Engage with your audience to:

  • Build a loyal following.
  • Increase the potential for sales.


When Adriano shares a post on Facebook to engage Little Lemon’s audience, people can react to, comment on or share the post.


Adriano can also interact with people in Little Lemon’s community through Facebook Messenger.

Key takeaways

  • To engage with people on Facebook and Instagram, you can use posts, stories, comments, reactions, shares and messages.


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