Top 10 Best OFFLINE Games for Android & iOS 2021

in case you are searching for any great new offline games with high designs which have part of experience and activity then you ought to read this . Today I’m back with Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android and iOS 2021 | 15 High Graphics OFFLINE Games for Android

Assault Bots

Assault Bots: Multiplayer robot shooter Customize your robot vehicle, and play against other players in this third-person online robot vehicle shooter. Choose from wheels, mech legs, helicopter blades, wings (you can fly), and customize your robot in many different ways. Pick the alien Kronon team or human AI team and destroy the other team in online multiplayer. You can use machine guns, lasers, rocket guns, and all different types of weapons and add-ons to make your bot the best.There is also an offline mode where you can play against bots, in singleplayer.The game features multiple game modes, including capture the flag, conquest, team deathmatch, free-for-all, etc.You can rank up your bot to unlock more powerful and unique add-ons and perks, and you can unlock different weapons to use in combat.The game is fast-paced, similar to FPS (first-person shooter) games, or third-person shooter games.

Android :

The Outlands – Zombie Survival

The Outlands is a low poly zombie survival indie game for mobile.
Explore. Scavange. Craft. Build. Fight. Survive.

It is a very early, yet playable version of the game, sitting on top of 4 months of Unity development at the moment.

Originally inspired by the pc game “Unturned” with influences from “Dead Island” and other zombie survival games and even FPS shooters, The Outlands brings the open world survival experience to mobile. Taking place in a post apocalyptic world, where the undead occupy every location, you have to use the leftover materials, weapons, clothing and resources, as well as the natural resources around you, to create reliable shelter and get the upper hand on the general mess of the world.
Use vehicles and weapons to your advantage, explore the remains of the old world, and most importantly, find who’s responsible for the nation-wide infection while keeping your hunger, thirst and health in good condition.

Android :

Out runner Forgotten king

Run! Wall-slide! Jump! Reclaim the throne in the old forgotten dungeon full of dangerous traps and enemies.

Outrunner: Forgotten King is a 2D hardcore platformer with precise movement and responsive controls. It has modern pixel art graphics
and fluid animations. With souls-like difficulty and the speedrun timer it sparks competition and it is perfect for those who want a real challenge.

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Android Paid:

Ariosea – 3D Open-World RPG

From the maker of “Pirates of Zeonium”, we present to you Lands of Ariosea: a brand new medieval RPG where you take the role of the jarl of a small city-state called Ariosea, and turn in into a one of the most powerful cities to ever be built.

You have full control of your city and the surrounding area: banish the bandits from your kingdom, help rebuild the homes their hatred has destroyed, and build higher walls as well as a castle in order to defend your city and avoid a catastrophic destruction.

Start deep incursions into hostile territory, conquer their lands and enslave your enemies, as you build your empire and turn your village into the strongest citadel of the known world.

Explore the 3D world and master the art of the sword as you cut through your enemies: you don’t only command your army, but you also fight alongside them, in first-person!

Gather materials from around the city and upgrade your buildings, enhancing your city’s defense, production and population’s overall hapiness and morale.


Severe delays

Download the App now and enjoy the slow and squeaky Bakerloo line, explore all (!) the branches of the Northern line or finally drive the packed and sweaty Central line yourself!

Take the tube driver’s seat and beat the high score by picking up more passengers and performing spectacular tube stunts! But beware: Sometimes there are engineering works and if you’re on the night shift you have to deal with drunken passengers as well!

Android :

Slender the arrival

You’re on your own. No one to come for you. No one to help you. No one to hear you scream. Slender: The Arrival is the official videogame adaption of Slender Man, developed in collaboration with Eric “Victor Surge” Knudson, creator of the paranormal phenomenon that has been terrifying the curious-minded around the world since its inception, with Mark Hadley and Blue Isle Studios.

Android :

Drah clash pro: Hot rod racing

Experience amazing ¼ mile races, take part in legal Hot Rod tournaments and earn points and money for your places in completed events.

🏁Become the HOT ROD racing champion!🏁

Drag Clash Pro: Hot Rod Racing is an original mobile racing game from the developers of such hits as Top Speed ​​or Moto Rider GO. The refined racing technique was adapted to the new studio’s production. Thanks to this, you will experience epic emotions and you will fall in love with racing turbo-modified cars.

Tuning, customization, cars (old, classic, modern, rebuilt, or modified), the sound of high engine revs, the smell of burnt tires, a reliable Drag ‘nd Drive system, real physics, and amazing emotions on the tracks!

🏆Challenge the best drivers in the world!🏆

Android :

Rune Sword: Action Platformer

Rune Sword is a retro pixel art style action platformer game.

Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges. Find secrets full of treasures, change weapons and armor, discover magic runes. Become powerful and defeat the bosses.


Real Coaster: Idle Game

Build and run the world’s most exciting idle theme park and earn a fortune! Ride amazing 3D rollercoasters and many popular fun park simulations!

Develop your dream idle theme park with awesome roller coasters. Attract more visitors, collect income from rides and shops and invest in new assets. Build many different parks in stunning locations and grow your empire. Become the next theme park tycoon!


Love You to Bits

“Love You to Bits” is a crazy cute, purely visual, puzzle-filled, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all around the universe.

You will follow the journey of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova, his robot girlfriend. After a fatal accident, all of Nova’s pieces get scattered in outer space! So now Kosmo wants to retrieve all Nova’s bits, rebuild her, and get back together.

Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles, and hidden objects to collect. As you complete levels, you will discover Kosmo and Nova’s heartbreaking love story!

Android :



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